Shortlists for TSJE ministers is “a play by Chartism and Abdism”, according to Richer

Senator Hugo Richer stated for Radio Ñanduti that the formation of shortlists for ministers of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) was a move by the Colorado Party, both Chartists and Abdists in order to have a majority. He also indicated that the rejection of these lists by the opposition sector of the Chamber of Senators corresponds.

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“This was a premeditated move, clouding what the National Constitution says, the Pluralism and Mutual Control Law in the case of the TSJE, it is a move by the Colorado Party,” said the senator. He also indicated that in the face of the possibility that the ANR would be 2 to 1 “he set off the alarm”, which is why, in his opinion, they would have carried out strategies in order to obtain a majority.

He also indicated that the 7 councilors of the Council of the Judiciary voted for a short list that had already been previously prepared and questioned whether they had put the two highest scorers in the same short list: César Rossel and Emilio Camacho. “They are not using legitimate political judgment in this case,” he said.

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He added that although the opposition sector of the Chamber of Senators is announcing that they will reject the lists, on many occasions this was not reflected at the time of the vote. “We senators, not Colorados, are 27 but that could never be translated into a unified force,” he said. However, he mentioned that in the event that he decides to reject it, the formed shortlists return to zero and a new process must be called.

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