Shooting leaves two dead and one wounded in Los Guaricanos

Shooting leaves two dead and one wounded in Los Guaricanos

two men turned out dead shot and another wounded when they were shot this Saturday by a rival group of one of the deceased, in the Los Platanitos neighborhood of Los Guaricanos, in Santo Domingo Norte, according to the National Police.

The police report indicates that the fatalities are Aneudy Ramírez Pérez and Agedito Merán. While Carlos Manuel Encarnación de la Cruz injured in the buttocks, for which he is hospitalized.

The uniformed woman points out Fernando Joselyn (Papacito), Miguel Ángel (Tailon) and three other people in the process of identification as perpetrators of the attack, who fled the scene after committing the act.

The deceased played dominoes in front of a grocery store on Primero de Mayo street, in the Los Platanitos neighborhood, in Los Guaricanos, Santo Domingo Norte, where the person who was injured works.

The reports handled by the National Police indicate that the group opposed to Aneudy was persecuted, of course, by a pile of cash, the product of an assault and the death last September of Manuel de Jesús Suero Romero (Moreno), a relative of one of the aggressors.

From the scene, the Scientific Police collected 20 casings and a 9-millimeter caliber projectile at the scene.

In relation to the case, DICRIM officials are investigating three people in search of clues that allow the perpetrators to be located and captured.

In a press release, the police denied that the attackers were dressed as agents of that institution, as has been reported on social networks.

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