Sharing data between cell phones: how good or bad is it?

Sharing data between cell phones: how good or bad is it?

Sometimes it is common for you or people you are with sharing run out of mobile data (internet), so it is normal for them to be shared from one device to another. However, this action is not so advisable and here we tell you why.

(Increase in cyberattacks requires secure connectivity tools).

Sharing data between mobile devices would generate overheating between them and massive energy costsamong other damages that have been verified by experts in this field.

(The 6GHz band for WiFi, the last digital frontier for homes).

It has been detected that, when this option is turned on, your device will drain more energy”, say the experts.

If possible, share your Mobile dataonly in case of emergency.
In case you have shared them, turn off this option of your cell phone when you are not using it.

(what?What comes after Wi-Fi to connect to the internet?).

Cell phones.


How to know if they are connected to your cell phone

In the case of iphonethere is a way to know which devices are connected to your data and here we tell you:

(Largest iPhone producer is gradually restoring production).

– What first All you have to do is open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.

– Subsequently, Enter the Wi-Fi option.

– Now, tap on this alternative ‘i’, located next to the network you are connected to.

– Behind this, look at the router’s IP address.

– When you have this information, place it on Safari’s address bar to establish a connection.

– Then we will have to enter your username and password.

– For it, You just have to look at the label on your router.

– Once this is done, Go to the Local Network, Local Network Map, or option with a similar name.

– From now on, You will be able to see which devices are connected on your Wi-Fi network.

– If you don’t recognize any, you will have to deactivate it so that it does not continue using your same connection.

In the case of Android, It is enough to enter the option in which you activate data sharing to see a section that says ‘Connected devices’ and see who is attached to your network.


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