Seven fatalities after a flood in La Molina de Táchira ravine

Seven fatalities after a flood in La Molina de Táchira ravine

The governor of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, announced that after a flood produced as a result of heavy rains, seven people died and 10 disappeared in the La Molina stream in the Potrerito sector.

According to Civil Protection reports, 27 people were bathing in the La Molina ravine, due to the sudden flooding of the ravine, who were surprised by the alluvium that was unleashed in the ravine.

“Who since yesterday [24 de septiembre] they are doomed to respond to a tragedy (…) they had come to a coexistence, in the upper part of the mountain there was a copious waterfall, which generated a flood that took a group of people, until now they have been extracted seven bodies of which four are unidentified, we continue the search for three more bodies,” Governor Bernal explained in a video posted on his Twitter account.

According to Civil Protection data, ten people who were isolated on the other side of the ravine were rescued and are now stabilized. Two people were able to leave by their own means, in the camp there were five people who were preparing food for those present at that moment. In this way, seventeen people are safe, thus leaving ten missing, among whom seven bodies without vital signs are counted.

According to Civil Protection, the incident occurred in the early hours of September 24 after the flooding of the La Molina stream located in the Potrerito sector in the state of Táchira.

It was learned that among the missing are:
1- Anni Monsalve (21)
2- Francesca (12)
3- Franyer (18)
4- Jhon Jauregui (23)

Citizens are reported as deceased:
1- Maria Leonela Carrillo de Navas (22)
2- Elian David Navas (28)
3- Ledys Suarez (19)
4- Erianny Pineda (15)
5- Victor Ramirez (25)
6- Valentina Ruiz (15)

Earlier, the Vice Minister for Risk Management and Civil Protection, Carlos Pérez Ampueda reported that 150 officials from the National Risk Management and Citizen Security System had been deployed in the search for people who were still missing after being dragged by growth. sudden of La Molina creek in Potrerito.

A special search and rescue group with high-end drones and canine livestock was activated to support the search operations.

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