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Seven deaths reported on the last day of 2022

The Ministry of Health recalled the high contamination with fecal coliforms on the beaches of Areguá, Ypacaraí and San Bernardino, according to analyzes carried out by the General Directorate of Environmental Health (Digesa), so the waters are not suitable for recreational use.

The report indicates that the Areguá Municipal beach, the Ypacaraí Municipal beach and the Rotonda and San Blas Pier beaches in San Bernardino present a high rate of contamination with fecal coliforms, so it is not suitable for recreational use.

It is worth mentioning that Although the lake does not present a massive growth of cyanobacteria, the climatic conditions of high temperatures and solar radiation, added to the presence of nutrients in the lake water, can favor the appearance of cyanobacterial blooms, these can appear zonally/temporarily and generate algae accumulation.

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Regarding the practice of water sports. Citizens are reminded that Although these do not imply direct contact with the water of Lake Ypacaraí, it can increase the risk of experiencing possible health problems. by indirect contact with the waters of the lake.

Aspect to take into account:

The problems of Lake Ypacaraí and its basin require insisting fundamentally on: the protection and recovery of wetlands; the treatment of sewage and industrial liquids, insisting on the regulation of contributing sources, mainly coliforms, phosphorus and nitrogen.

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As well as the proper control and management of urban and industrial solid waste; the correct use of the land/territorial ordering; control of erosion and diffuse loads of both agricultural and livestock pollution. Also bet on Reforestation, periodic monitoring, among others.

The report was sent to the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Mades), for the corresponding intervention of possible contamination points. IP.

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