Services grow 1.7% from February to March, says IBGE

Services grow 1.7% from February to March, says IBGE

The volume of services in the country grew 1.7% in March, compared to the previous month. With this result, which is the second consecutive increase in the indicator, the sector reached its highest level since May 2015.Services grow 1.7% from February to March, says IBGE

Services are also 7.2% above the level of February 2020, that is, the pre-covid-19 pandemic period. The data are from the Monthly Service Survey (PMS), released today (12) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In comparison with March 2021, the sector recorded an increase of 11.4%. In the accumulated of the year, the sector grew 9.4% and, in the accumulated of 12 months, high of 13.6%.

Nominal revenue from services grew 1.2% compared to February this year, 17.9% compared to March last year, 15.4% in the year and 18.2% in the 12-month period.

The 1.7% increase in the volume of services in March was accompanied by the five activities surveyed by the IBGE, with emphasis on transport (2.7%).

According to the research manager, Rodrigo Lobo, the segments that most influenced the increase in this activity are road freight and passenger air transport.

“Among the sectors that most influenced the rise in this activity is the road freight, especially that linked to electronic commerce and agribusiness. It is the main mode of cargo transport in Brazilian cities and its use has become even more pronounced after the most crucial months of the pandemic. Another influence was passenger air transport, not only because of the increase in passenger flow, which generated higher revenues for airlines, but also because it was helped by the drop in the price of airline tickets observed in March,” he explained.

The other activities showed the following growth rates: information and communication (1.7%), professional, administrative and complementary (1.5%), provided to families (2.4%) and other services (1.6%) .


Tourist activities also grew in all comparison bases: 4.5% in relation to February; 75.6%, compared to March last year; and 42.2%, in the year.

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