Servers have a new chance to migrate to supplementary pensions

The deadline for migration from the Own Social Security System (RPPS) to the Complementary Pension Scheme (RPC) was reopened until November 30 of this year. The opportunity is valid for federal civil servants who joined the federal public administration before February 4, 2013. Servers have a new chance to migrate to supplementary pensionsServers have a new chance to migrate to supplementary pensions

Published in Official Diary of the Union this Thursday (26), the Provisional Measure 1,119/22 establishes the option for civil servants and members of the Judiciary, the Court of Auditors and the Federal Public Ministry.

According to the Ministry of Economy, this is the first migration opportunity granted after the enactment of Constitutional Amendment No. “The migration decision is voluntary for each server, but the change, once made, is irrevocable and irreversible. Each civil servant must evaluate his professional trajectory, his remuneration, how much time is left until his retirement, expectation of permanence in the public service and age to verify if the migration is advantageous or not.

If you decide to migrate and join the Fundação de Previdência Complementar do Servidor Público Federal (Funpresp-Exe), the civil servant will be entitled to a social security savings made up of monthly contributions and an equal amount from the federal public agency for which he works, in addition to of the social security benefit calculated on the ceiling of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and the Special Benefit.

The contribution amount is defined by choosing a contribution rate (7.5%, 8% or 8.5%), which is applied to the difference between the employee’s remuneration and the amount that exceeds the INSS ceiling .

Law No. 12,618/2012 instituted the supplementary pension scheme for federal public servants holding effective positions, providing for the possibility of migration to the new social security system. Three migration windows have already been opened. In 2013, when Funpresp was created; in July 2016, for 24 months, and in September 2018, for six months. In all, more than 18,000 civil servants migrated from the regime in the three opportunities. In this new migration window, it is estimated that 290,000 federal civil servants meet the requirements for regime change.

how to migrate

The Ministry of Economy explained that the migration must be done through the People Management System (Sigepe) of the federal government. When accessing the Server Portal , the interested party must click on Servers and Pensioners. after the Login in the system, select the Pension option from the menu. The same link it is possible to simulate the migration.

Also on the Server Portal there is a clearinghouse with questions and answers about migration to the Supplementary Pension Scheme. Anyone who wants to clarify information about joining Funpresp, can also schedule a virtual or in-person service by calling 0800 282 6794.

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