Serious complaint: Woman says she was beaten and raped in the bathroom of a shopping center

Serious complaint: Woman says she was beaten and raped in the bathroom of a shopping center

The fact of sexual abuse would have occurred on April 18 in the Mayorca shopping center in Sabaneta (Antioquia) in the morning hours and no one would have noticed what was happening.

The affected mentions that she entered the bathroom located on the first floor of this commercial space “I was beaten and sexually abused by a strangerThey found me around 1 in the afternoon in very bad conditions, unconscious with a strong blow to the head, with pain all over my body and my clothes wrong, “ said.

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Within the young woman’s complaint it is read that she had signs that the person who attacked her was apparently seeking to end her life, because she would have a chain around her neck with which they also sought to hang her.

The most worrying thing about the case is that no one realized what had happened and It was up to 3 hours later that a person saw her and notified the Mayorca workers “The APH went for me, they began to ask me questions, they checked that I was at least a little well and after this they contacted my family,” said the victim.

After this interrogation, the girl was sent to a health center in the area, because she had health complications, for which she had to receive medication for muscle pain and was observed for five days in which they did the relevant tests.

When he left the hospital on April 20, he went to the Comprehensive Care Center for Victims of Sexual Abuse where they would have shown their support in this case. But 10 days after the complaint, she mentioned that nothing had been done, that the perpetrator is still on the loose and she is afraid of doing everyday things like leaving her house.

The female says that in Sabaneta they never do more than activate the fuchsia code, because the same thing has already happened to her three times and it is not because she dresses in a different way or is drugged or drunk as several people in society condemn it. “She was not at night, she was not dressed inappropriately, she was not partying, much less had drugs in my body; I was just going to do my chores like anyone else”.

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For his part the Mayorca shopping center communicated via mail that they will not show the cameras unless requested by the authorities, so the woman’s family fears that it will happen again when she goes to work and study on Monday, May 2; just because they haven’t caught the culprit.

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