Sergio Ramírez: Ortega, with his ambition for power, is "digging his own grave"

Sergio Ramírez: Ortega, with his ambition for power, is “digging his own grave”

Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez assured that the “absolute concentration of power” is already a weakness for the administration of Daniel Ortega, and that with his ambition he is “digging” his own grave.

The writer and Sandinista dissident, during the 18 international poetry festival in GranadaSpain, argued that “when someone has all the power in the world and you still want more and more power, they dig their own grave.”

“There is no longer room in Nicaragua for anything,” Ramírez lamented, referring to the thousands of Nicaraguans who have been forced into exile due to the repression and political persecution that Ortega maintains against those who oppose his regime.

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Ramírez highlighted as part of the weakness of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship “the fact that the musicians are being expelled, that the poets have to live in exile, the fact that so many thousands of Nicaraguans are leaving, that there is no free newspaper within the country. The only written newspaper stopped publishing, because it is occupied by the military, it is the newspaper La Prensa and the journalists are doing their work from exile or in hiding in Nicaragua”, he added.

Sergio Ramírez during the 18th international poetry festival in Granada, in Spain. Photo: Courtesy

He warned that “a second wave of resistance will come and this will not last forever. I am hopeful that Nicaragua will find the path of freedom, democracy and coexistence that we have sought so much in history.

Sergio Ramírez highlighted that there is a dispute around memory in Nicaragua; because the Ortega regime intends to tell “how the events were” in its own way, regarding the 1979 revolution.

“Nicaragua is a very young country, 70% of the population is under 30 years old, so the revolution, the Somoza dictatorship is extremely distant. (…) Memory has been lost or rather there is a propaganda dispute around memory », he pointed out.

The Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, through the educational entities of the country, have “indoctrinated” or “taught” history with the purpose that their circle of oppressors stand out in the history books of the country.

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