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Sergio Cabral receives release permit signed by Justice

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In a note distributed to the press this afternoon, lawyers Daniel Bialski, Bruno Borragine, Patrícia Proetti and Anna Julia Menezes communicated the issuance, by the Justice of Paraná, of the release permit so that the former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral, comply with house arrest.

The defense highlighted in the statement that the former governor will respect all determinations established by Justice. He added that, “at this moment, Cabral will not speak to the press, as his greatest desire is to be in the company of his family”.

The release permit was signed by the deputy federal judge of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, Judiciary Section of Paraná, Gabriela Hardt. Cabral should be under house arrest, with an electronic anklet.


The license establishes clauses that must be complied with by the former governor of Rio de Janeiro, under penalty of returning to prison. Among them, Cabral cannot be absent from his residence, except with authorization from the Court, with the exception of emergency cases of the accused and his family members, which must be communicated to the Justice within a period of up to 24 hours; he can only receive visits from relatives up to the 3rd degree, registered lawyers and health professionals. Visits by Justice collaborators or other investigated persons are prohibited, especially from Operation Lava Jato.

Sergio Cabral cannot promote parties or any other social events at his residence; you cannot change your address without prior court authorization; he must appear in court whenever he is summoned to do so and, in the event that there is, with an arrest warrant, future revocation of house arrest, the former governor must present himself to the local federal police authorities.

The costs of the electronic ankle bracelet will be indicated by the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro and must be borne by Sergio Cabral himself.


So far, there is no information about the release time of the former governor. According to the press office of the State Secretariat of the Military Police, “the referred remains imprisoned in the Prison Unit of the Corporation, in the municipality of Niterói”, metropolitan region of Rio.

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