Seremi de Salud de Valparaíso submits his resignation for “personal reasons”: he has been criticized for unpaid fines for clandestine parties in Zapallar

Through a press release, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) announced that it accepted the voluntary resignation of the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health of Valparaíso, Dr. Mario Parada Lezcano.

In the document, they specify that said decision is due to “personal reasons”, while “the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera and the Undersecretary of Public Health, Christopher Squareappreciate his commitment, vocation and the great work done by him and his team during the months he served as Health Authority”.

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Furthermore, they confirm that Maria Veronica Vasquez will assume the position of Seremi de Salud (s), who until now was serving as head of the Department of Public Health and Health Planning.

Criticism of his management

Before the news of Parada’s resignation from his post was known, deputies from Chile Vamos criticized his management for the lack of payment of the fines issued to the attendees of the clandestine New Year’s parties of 2021 when Chile was in total quarantine due to the pandemic. This happened both in Cachagua and Zapallar.

It should be noted that 45 health infractions were filed and only two have been paid, for which the RN deputy, Andres Celisquestioned Parada for the null payment, detailing that the two canceled fines correspond to amounts of 10 UTM ($595,950 in September of this year) and 50 UTM ($2,979,750).

Faced with this, the parliamentarian indicated in conversation with emmol that “it shows the apathy and lack of empathy with which the fined have acted, who cared little or nothing about putting the health of the rest at risk; and it also shows the inefficiency and little competence of the authority to manage that the collections are made corresponding”.

For his part, the parliamentarian of the Republican Party, Luis Fernando Sanchez, denounced the former seremi for the misuse of fiscal assets during a trip to Congress in Mexico, alleging that Parada registered before being in office, so he used said money to attend. To which is added the mismanagement in pollution crises and no management during the pandemic.

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