Seremi de Salud de la RM reports theft of a nuclear hydrometer in San Miguel: they warn about its danger

The Seremi de Salud of the Metropolitan Region reported on Tuesday about the theft of a nuclear densimeter in the commune of San Miguel. In addition, they alerted about the dangerousness of the object.

“In the commune of San Miguel, the theft of a nuclear densimeter is reported. It is highly detrimental to people who do not know how to handle it,” the institution said on its Twitter account.

Likewise, they indicated to the public that, in the event that someone finds the item, inform the Seremi de Salud itself, the Investigative Police (PDI) or the Carabineros.

The nuclear hydrometer is used by companies that carry out soil studies. They are used to determine humidity and density, among other technical measurements.

The nuclear hydrometer has two encapsulated radioactive sources. In this way, its danger falls if people handle it incorrectly.

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