Seremi de Salud de la RM reports theft of a nuclear density meter in Quilicura

Yesterday afternoon, the Metropolitan Region Health Seremi reported the theft of a nuclear densimeter in the Quilicura commune.

Specifically, the model 3430 nuclear densimeter was inside a vehicle belonging to the Suelotest company that was stolen on Tuesday afternoon.

Through a statement, the Seremi de Salud reported that the hydrometer brand is Troxler, model 3430, Number 68368, year 2014, which is stored in a high-density plastic “cooler” type briefcase, which indicates a danger of radioactivity.

Likewise, they indicate that this type of object should not be used or manipulated, or disassembled, melted, beaten, cut or perforated, since radioactive material may be exposed, which is harmful to human life and the environment.

Finally, they call on anyone who has information on the nuclear densimeter to contact the Carabineros, the Investigative Police (PDI) or the RM Health Seremi.

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