El guitarrista cubano Dayron Ortiz. Foto: Claudio Pelaez Sordo / Archivo.

“Ser”, first album by guitarist Dayron Ortiz

Be is the title of the debut album by Cuban guitarist Dayron Ortiz. The musician recently presented his album in Havana, which was recorded by the EGREM label.

However, the official presentation concert was postponed due to the tragic events of the Saratoga hotel.

The phonogram contains eight songs that Ortiz composed during the pandemic and that portray the talent and creative interests of the instrumentalist.

Most of the songs on the album are written by Ortiz, except for the version he performs of the song “Ni un ya no está”, by singer-songwriter Alberto Tosca, recorded together with singer Haydée Milanés, of whose group Ortiz is the musical director.

For the recording of Be the guitarist had a group of guest musicians such as Ruy Adrián López-Nussa (drums), Jorge Coallo (percussion), Roberto Vázquez “El Chino” (bass), Arthur Álvarez and Pedro Sureda (keyboard), Gabriela Díaz (violin) and José Daniel Bermúdez (bass), among others, who also contributed with their talent to the final result of the phonogram.

The musician considered the release of the album as a “dream longed for a long time.” “From the beginning of my career I always had in mind to create and be a composer at some point”, he added during the release of the album to the specialized press.

The album, which was born from an idea by photographer Alejandro Gutiérrez, came to light thanks to the support of musicologist Élsida González, from the EGREM team.

Ortiz had planned to offer an official presentation concert last weekend at the theater of the National Museum of Fine Arts, but postponed it in solidarity with the victims of the explosion at the Hotel Saratoga and their families.

The musician has indicated that he will resume the premiere date soon, in a concert in which he will have Haydée Milanés among his guests.

During his career, Ortiz has worked with different rock, rap, jazz and popular music artists and groups. Among the artists with whom she has shared the stage are Doble Filo, Telmary and Habana Sana, Rochy, Dayramir González and Habana Entrance.

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