Septeto Santiaguero on tour in Europe

With the announcement of presentations in Spain, Belgium, Norway, Finland and Sweden, the international tour of the famous Septeto Santiaguero continues

The group will be tomorrow in Valencia de Alcántara, and during the next four days in the other European nations. According to posts on social media, the reception has been excellent.

The presence of the Septet on these stages will continue its international trajectory, limited by Covid-19 and restarted last October, when they participated in the Cervantino Festival, Mexico. In February of this year the Dubai Fair was presented.

Septeto Santiaguero will sound at the Dubai International Fair

In 2015 they won the Grammy (Best Traditional Tropical Album) with I don’t want to cry- Tribute to the Compadresin collaboration with the Dominican José Alberto The Canaryand in 2018 the second with the album To my what-Tribute to the Cuban classics.

In 2020, the nomination for the Grammy Awards obtained by Changüí Guantánamo was added, with the album This is our changüí and the production by the leader of the Septeto Santiaguero.

They have had four consecutive nominations for their albums to the Latin award and one in the Anglo-Saxon list.

Their Japanese debut is scheduled for September under the auspices of the JLP Music Management Booking Agency.

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