Seprec already registers companies and lowers costs in 5 services

Seprec already registers companies and lowers costs in 5 services

Jorge Quispe / La Paz

With the start of activities of the Plurinational Trade Registry Service (Seprec), which has replaced Fundempresa since April 1, five services reduced their costs, including the registration of sole proprietorships that previously cost 270 to 130 bolivianos, reported yesterday the Minister of Productive Development and Plural Economy, Néstor Huanca.

The authority explained the new facilities that economic production units will now have with the launch of Seprec, which will register, grant and annually renew trade registrations for natural, legal, private and public persons. A task carried out by Fundempresa from 2002 until March 31.

He described how costs will come down on five services. “It has been decided that the cost for the registration of a sole proprietorship, which with Fundempresa cost 270 bolivianos, now with Seprec only 130 bolivianos will be charged.”

In the past, when a company tried to make a change of address or modification of telephone, email and other administrative issues, “for a sole proprietorship they charged 78 bolivianos, for a limited liability company the cost was 136 bolivianos, a public limited company I had to deposit 175 bolivianos, however, now with Seprec we are not going to charge a penny for these services”, confirmed Huanca.

Until before April 1, the payment for business registration for a sole proprietorship charged 389 bolivianos, but “now only 272 bolivianos will be paid,” he said.

Huanca pointed out that when a new branch of a sole proprietorship was going to be opened, the cost for the procedure was 260 bolivianos, from now on it will be 130 bolivianos.

The minister also indicated that when the company was going to be published or notified in the Fundempresa gazette, the cost for it was 20 bolivianos, “now that service will not cost anything.”

He announced that Seprec will implement a system that will allow the exchange of data with Taxes and Segip (Personal Identification Management Service), with which the registry will be digital. “We aim for the tax identification number to be the same as the business license plate,” said Huanca.

Jaime Ascarrunz, president of the Federation of Private Entrepreneurs of La Paz, said that beyond the discounts promised by the Government, “the important thing is that this entity (Seprec) can match the quality of services provided by Fundempresa and hopefully surpass them.” desire.

First day

  • Inaugural. More than 800 users from all over the country arrived at the 14 Seprec offices on April 1, when this system for business registration began to function.
  • Country. La Paz served 255 users; Santa Cruz at 221; Cochabamba at 152; Oruro at 53; Chuquisaca at 46; Beni at 30; Potosi at 25; Tarija to 20 users and Pando to six clients.

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