Send the 13 defendants to prison for 120 days for encroaching on the Kim properties

Send the 13 defendants to prison for 120 days for encroaching on the Kim properties

December 15, 2022, 2:43 PM

December 15, 2022, 2:43 PM

After five hours of precautionary hearing, heThe 13 people who were accused of encroaching on a property located in the aquifer zone of Las Lomas de Arena, they were sent preventively to the Palmasola prison for 120 days.

The precautionary judge of the 16th Investigation Court, Éricka Barrancos, ordered the detention of those accused of environmental crimes.

The lawyer for the Kim family, Diego Coimbra, indicated that the family is satisfied with the determination of justice, but he assured that they will continue with the complaint until they find those who promote the subjugation, even more so when the illegal settlement occurred in an aquifer reserve area of ​​Santa Cruz, causing environmental damage.

He added that there is another ongoing complaint against the bullies. in the Police of the municipality of La Guardia, for the crimes of encroachment, murder, among others.

Prosecutor Richard Almanza indicated that the hearing of the 13 people was specifically for environmental crimes, including deterioration of state assets and national wealth, fire, criminal association and others.

For her part, councilwoman Lola Terrazas, who attended the hearing, highlighted the ruling against the invaders, and noted that this will set a precedent in the actions of those who appropriate the land causing environmental damage as happened with the Kim Tourist Center.

Relatives of the detainees expressed their annoyance at the determinationand alleged that the 13 defendants were innocent, arguing that they had nothing to do with the seizure of the Kim properties.

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