Senators want to denounce Cartes before the US.

The Chamber of Senators postponed for eight days the draft resolution “That makes up a delegation of Paraguayan senators to attend the Honorable Chamber of Senators of the United States of America and present before it the official report of the Bicameral Commission that investigates money laundering. of money in Paraguay.

The initiative came from Salyn Buzarquis, a national senator for the PLRA, given the distrust generated by the work of the Public Ministry to investigate the Cartes group.

It should be remembered that the Senate formed the Bicameral Commission for the Investigation of Money Laundering (CBI) on May 24. It will have 60 days to carry out the investigation once its members are elected. It must have six legislators, three senators and three deputies.

“If we stay to play the local game, we know how the story will end,” said Buzarquis.
This comes after the journalistic publications published last weekend. In it, irregular money movements by companies of Horacio Cartes, former President of the Republic, are mentioned.

If approved, the senatorial delegation will send the results of the CBI to the United States Congress.

Desirée Masi, a national senator for the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), questioned whether Chartist politicians try to take these accusations to a political level. This, considering that before Cartes entered the political arena, there were already operations related to him.

“They are cross-border operations. On the Paraguayan side there is nothing, but there is on the Brazilian side. In the United States Congress this was denounced a long time ago. It is a lie that the Prosecutor’s Office only now has a report to investigate, ”he commented.

The legislator asked that Carlos Arregui, minister of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Seprelad) be summoned and that he answer the questions.

Antonio Barrios, leader of the “Honor Colorado” bench, expressed his support for the initiative. He even, he ironically, claiming that it “can also be sent by rocket to the moon”, so that everyone finds out about a real investigation and not a tome.

“We believe in the Prosecutor’s Office and in the Paraguayan Justice,” he emphasized.

Sergio Godoy, also an Honorary Senator from Colorado, urged that each senator pay for the travel expenses, so that citizens do not pay out of pocket.

Silvio “Beto” Ovelar, a national senator, expressed for his part that the initiative is “nonsense”.

“We must maintain our sovereignty. They will laugh at us. Do you believe that the United States does not have better information than us? That everyone be investigated, but through the corresponding channels,” he emphasized.

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