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Senators held a meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State

Senators held a meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State

The US Assistant Secretary of State, Mark Wells, met with some legislators this afternoon, as part of his visit to Paraguay. On the occasion, they touched on various topics, including the latest appointments of the US government.

Senators Jorge Querey and Lilian Samaniego were part of the delegation of parliamentarians who went to the USAID office in our country to hold a meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of State for Brazil and the Southern Cone, Mark Wells.

As Querey stated at a press conference, this meeting served to establish positions and put different issues on the table, so no conclusion as such was reached.

He confirmed that they came to talk in broad terms about the latest appointments made by the United States Government, including that of Hugo Velázquez. As mentioned by Wells, there are still “other measures” that must be implemented.

“No particular point was touched on what those measures would be, the handling of assets of certain people abroad was discussed, no particular reference was made to any, only to those people who were designated as significantly corrupt,” he added.

The parliamentarian of the Guasú Front said that, in addition to the fact that both parties were able to present their points of view, it was also possible to know the position of the North Americans with respect to their concerns and interests.

During the meeting, they discussed the possibility that the United States could share the information it has on the case of Hugo Velázquez and Horacio Cartes with the Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office. “They have taken note of that,” said Querey.

“They have a lot of information, perhaps more than us, about all these illicit activities,” he said in a conversation with the media. In this regard, he pointed out that it is not possible to make an accusation without it being accompanied by evidence that allows some measure such as a criminal investigation.

Finally, he stressed that in this meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of State, it was only mentioned that “there will be other measures that will accompany these designations.”

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