Senators demand the head of the CNDH for keeping silent in the face of militarization and violence

Senators demand the head of the CNDH for keeping silent in the face of militarization and violence

Since she entered the legislative compound, the official was received with posters rejecting her management by PAN senators. “CNDH subordinate to AMLO”, “Rosario, AMLO employee”, were the legends of the posters.

“We know that militarization leads to a lack of respect for human rights in the world, not just in Mexico. It is unfortunate that international organizations come to point out the human rights violations in this country and the National Human Rights Commission, under the same pro-government discourse, only says that they are conservative and neoliberal, and with that it shields itself,” reproached Juan Manuel Fócil Pérez. , PRD senator.

The legislator maintained that the CNDH has focused on other tasks, even though they are not within its competence. For example, making a recommendation against the INE (now that it is pointed out by the federal government) for acts carried out between 1951 and 1960, and being ignorant of actions that violate rights that occur in this six-year term.

Senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza Longoria said that the words omission, submission and scandal describe the management of Rosario Piedra in the CNDH.

Sylvana Beltrones Sánchez, from the PRI, added that human rights violations by the National Guard are frequent, since this institution accumulates more than 1,254 complaints for arbitrary detentions.

In this regard, Rosario Piedra Ibarra defended the work of the Armed Forces in terms of public security by mentioning that the security strategy works and that the Army, the Navy and the National Guard are no longer among the five authorities with the most complaints, since their participation in violations of rights has decreased.

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