Senator Rincón urges the DC directive that there be freedom of action for the militants on the Exit Plebiscite

The senator of the Christian Democrats (DC), Ximena Rinconurged his party to give freedom of action in the Exit Plebiscite on the draft of the new Constitution to be held on September 4.

These statements come after DC Youth will call to approve the Magna Carta proposal that is being prepared by the Constitutional Convention and that must end on July 4.

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“At this point I think that each one is going to express their option. The JDC (Christian Democratic Youth), a group, because a militant did not make a vote, decided that they approved, a senator says that she is going to approve, others say that no, that they are inclined towards Rejection,” Rincón said in Channel 13.

Faced with this scenario, the head of the Falangist committee of senators pointed out that “the truth is that I believe that, and I told the president of the party, here we should deploy both positions, which are legitimate, as the President of the Republic has said, and each express why yes, why not, what are the views regarding what is being offered to the country and give certainties”.

When referring to whether there is conflict within the party on this issue, Rincón specified that the community should let each one decide, because there is little time left to call a national board and define an option as DC.

“I don’t think it’s a problem when you have critical views from both sides and when today the position of approving to reform falls, when you see this titanium lock that the Convention puts on the possible reform of the Constitution (…) in that scenario The healthiest and most transparent thing is for everyone to say how they think they should vote and not leave that privilege only for a few,” he said.

“It did not become everyone’s house”

The senator criticized the work carried out by the Constitutional Convention, mainly due to the decision -in the first instance that was later changed- not to invite the former presidents of the Republic to the closing ceremony of the constitutional process.

“What has happened shows that there are some who are determined to deconstruct history and tear down everything that exists backwards, without understanding that the peoples have to stand on their history and move forward correcting what is bad,” he said.

He also stressed that “what has been done speaks at the end of the day of the spirit of the constituent, which is absolutely refoundational. What has happened is one more evidence of what lies behind the majority spirit of the Convention and not It is good for the country (…) we are seeing confrontation and that speaks of something that is not right. “

The legislator insisted on the proposal to lower the quorum to modify the current Magna Carta 4/7 as an alternative if the Rejection option wins in the Exit Plebiscite. “The Convention did not manage to be the country’s meeting space, it did not become everyone’s home,” she commented.

He emphasized that the proposal “lives, floats and not only in the right, but in the vast majority, I believe that we are going to approve it in the Senate. We hope to have support, first because the government needs to advance in its government program and cannot wait for the text of the Convention to eventually be approved”.

“Second, because I believe that all of us who are in politics have to put ourselves in all the scenarios and one possible and legitimate one, according to the President himself, is that the Rejection is imposed. If the Rejection is imposed, what are we going to do? Are we going to be left hands crossed? We have to advance to the changes”, he sentenced.

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