Senador rinde cuenta de gestión último año y demanda nueva vez Puente sobre el río Camú

Senator renders account of management last year and demands a new Bridge over the Camú River

The senator of this province, Hermanas Mirabal, doctor Bautista Rojas Gomezgave an account of his management as a legislator, before a large public, to the extent that representatives of various political parties, businessmen, as well as community leaders attended, where he also demanded again the speeding up of the bridge that over the Camu Riverbuilds the Dominican government.

Among the main actions listed by the senator during this last year of legislative activity, are the creation via the National Congress of the “Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro Botanical Garden”in Hermanas Mirabal, approved in the Senate and also the bill that declares this as an Ecotourism province.

He also listed as his initiative, the resolutions that request the President of the Republic Luis Abinaderthe construction of the sewage system for the municipality of Tenares, a Diagnostic Center in Jamao Afuera, as well as in Blanco Arriba.

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“During this year, as a representative of Mirabal Sisterswe also promote the bill that designates with the name of “Antonio Manuel Florencio Estrella”, the Palace of Justice of this province”, he said.

In this sense, the veteran political leader of the Fuerza del Pueblo party said that during the 2020-2022 legislative period, it also served to promote and recognize good practices and benchmarks for his province and the region.

In relation to the “Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro Scientific Lyceum”, he specified that for its contributions to technical education, it submitted a recognition to the Senate as well as via resolution to the Santa Maria Radio Schoolsfor their contributions to inclusive education, within the framework of the 50th anniversary, as well as to the Provincial Technical Office of Hermanas Mirabal, responsible for great contributions in the development of this province.

Senator Bautista Rojas Gomez

He also cited, the submission via resolution, the request to the Minister of Public Works for the construction of the Sabaneta bridge over the Camú River, approved and under construction, although he criticized the slow pace with which the work is being carried out, considerably reducing , the economic development of the Hermanas Mirabal province.

He also demanded, via the upper chamber, the Public Works authorities the urgent intervention of the Duarte Highway, a call that was immediately accepted by the authorities. Another demand of the legislator also via the Senate, is the highway, La Gina-Santa Ana-Cenoví Crossing.

Another of the important legislative pieces submitted was that of the general vaccine law, approved in the Senate and sent to the Chamber of Deputies for study and subsequent approval, as well as the resolution that orders an extraordinary session on November 25 of this year 2022 in Salcedo, which seeks to honor the memory of Homeland, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabalon the anniversary of her murder and commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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“During this year 2022, Congress signed into law the initiative No. 06214-2020-2024- Bill that designates with the name of Engineer-Architect Tomasina Cabral Mejiathe section of highway that goes from the bridge over the Juana Núñez River, in the Salcedo municipality, to the bridge over the Platanal River, in the Tenares municipality,” he said.

“We embrace the commitment to the bill that creates the Mirabal Sisters Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CORAAHERMI), approved in the Senate, and the bill that creates the Partido River Natural Monument, also approved in the Senate,” he said. .

Representatives of the Dominican Liberation and Modern Revolutionary Parties, as well as the mayors of Salcedo and Tenares, attended the event that took place in the San Rafael Club of the Villa Tapia Municipality. Emanuel Escano and Mercedes Ortizamong others.

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