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Senator Provoste regrets the closure of the government unit in charge of glacier protection and calls for the measure to be reversed

Senator Yasna Provoste defined the decision of the new director of the General Water Directorate (DGA) as a real setback, in order to terminate the Glaciology and Snow Unit of the Ministry of Public Works.

“Glaciers constitute strategic reserves of fresh water, have a landscape patrimony and integrate the environmental patrimony of humanity, which justifies their conservation and preservation. They are ecosystems of fundamental importance that are in permanent risk and to reverse this problem it is necessary to design and adopt mechanisms for their proper management”, explained the DC representative.

Along these lines, the parliamentarian stated that “the 2023 budget law provided resources for the conservation of the glaciology monitoring network and the personnel in charge of its maintenance.”

“We have learned yesterday that the new director of the General Water Directorate (DGA) has decided to end the Glaciology and Snow Unit created in April 2008, and the truth is that not even the Piñera government will He dared so much,” Provoste said.

Likewise, Senator DC made “a call to the director of the General Water Directorate to reverse this bad decision, because it is not consistent with the functions that the Water Code assigns to it, and even less, it is consistent with what has been promised to the country by President Boric in his government program”.

“A climate crisis program was committed, strengthening the biodiversity and ecosystems policy, with an emphasis on the protection of glaciers. Some will say that this is not being eliminated, but that these tasks are being subsumed in the hydrology division. But the truth is not placing an emphasis on the protection of glaciers, not giving an important hierarchy to the unit that is precisely in charge of protecting glaciers”, explained Yasna Provoste.

Finally, the parliamentarian from Atacama maintained that another way of recognizing the government’s commitment is for it to promptly give urgency to the glacier project that is being discussed today in the Senate.

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