Senator Moreira accuses of “political persecution” for focusing on the official signal when President Boric spoke against corruption

The senator of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), Ivan Moreirawas upset after learning that the official broadcast focused on the moment in which the President of the Republic, Gabriel BoricHe was talking about anti-corruption measures.

It was precisely at the moment that the President announced the implementation of the National Strategy for Public Integrity, when the official signal showed a picture of the parliamentarian, who accused a “political persecution.”

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“Today in the Public Account, President Boric, his advisers, on their own instructions, tried to manipulate and damage my public image during the speech. President Boric and his advisers are responsible for the television broadcast of the Public Account because that broadcast, who directed it, are people linked to the President and his government,” Moreira said.

“The director of that transmission was concerned, when the President spoke, in dealing with my image to make me a symbol, damaging my image. The President of the Republic and his advisers do not intimidate us,” he added in T13.

In addition, he reported that he communicated with the president of the Senate, Alvaro Elizalde (PS), who will file a formal claim on behalf of the corporation. However, the socialist senator pointed out that the incident will first be reported to the Segpres minister, George Jacksonand later the formal claim will be evaluated.

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