Senator Flores (DC) calls on the Government to talk to avoid a new failure in the election of the National Prosecutor: “He cannot trip over the same stone again”

After the failed appointment of martha herrera as National Prosecutor, as happened previously with Jose Morales, the Supreme Court had to add a new name to the quina, definitively leaving the following candidates to head the Public Ministry: Carlos Palma, Juan Agustin Melendez, Nayalet Mansilla, Angel Valencia Y Erika Maira. Now, for the next few days, the President gabriel boric You must choose a new name for later ratification by the Senate.

In this context and with the fear of a third failure on the part of the Government, Senator Ivan Flores (DC) called La Moneda to talk with the benches and the senators to reach an agreement between the opposition and the ruling party to get the best name for National Prosecutor.

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“I hope that the Government applies itself and begins to talk with the benches, with the parties, with the senators, it cannot again stumble over the same stone and have a third defeat. Now it is true, during the last days we have not We have listened to the ministers, we have heard the President of the Republic enter the arena, criticize the Senate, the process and it does not seem right to me, because what he is doing is blowing the last fuse,” said the legislator.

Likewise, he specified that “if the President of the Republic entered the arena, he would have to be the one to talk. But what cannot happen, that being public safety, order, the first priority of our country because crime continues to grow without counterweight, then they will have to be applied more and we would have to have a name that is capable of leading the transformations, the reinforcements, the technological changes that the Public Ministry needs to be able to combat crime and the new forms of crime”.

“I hope that the Government applies, it has a few days left, the deadlines are running out,” he closed.

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