Senator Chahuán (RN) and leaked audio from the Foreign Ministry: “We hope that the minister will give explanations in the Foreign Relations commission.”

The president of RN, senator and member of the Foreign Relations commission of the Upper House, Francisco Chahuanaddressed this Wednesday the leaked audio from the Foreign Ministry, in which the chancellor Antonia Urrejola and his team refer in harsh terms to the Argentine ambassador in Chile, Rafael Bielsa. In this regard, Chahuán stated that it was a “greater mess” and he hopes that the minister will explain the case in the commission that he integrates.

“In the Foreign Ministry, carelessness cannot be admitted because not only the country’s ability to generate links with neighboring nations or with other commercial blocs is at stake,” said senator RN in conversation with The Counter in La Clave.

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“Remember that Chile is the most open country in the world, with 32 free trade agreements, with 82% of world GDP, and that effectively says that Chile has a vision of an open country, a country that believes in foreign trade as a way to generate an important part of the GDP,” he added.

In turn, he commented that “recording a team conversation, then sending it to a communication medium by mistake, is a major mess, I want to say it with all its letters (…) We believe without a doubt that this deserves an explanation, which we hope will be that of the chancellor in the Foreign Relations commission”.

Foreign Ministry leaked audio

Let us remember that yesterday, from the Foreign Ministry, an audio was leaked in which Foreign Minister Urrejola and her close team are heard issuing insults against Ambassador Bielsa, regarding his comments on the rejection of the Dominga port mining project by the Committee of Ministers.

“This venture was one of the alternatives that Agua Negra (a binational crossing in the north that connects with the port of Coquimbo) was going to have as a port. It would be great for us if they warned us, nothing more than that. Since it has an impact on bilateral relations, we wanted you to be informed,” Bielsa said on January 19, at the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

This statement prompted Minister Urrejola to express her annoyance to the Argentine Foreign Minister, santiago cafieroand summon Ambassador Bielsa to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the leaked audio, in addition to the insults against Bielsa, Foreign Minister Urrejola detailed the message she sent to Cafiero. “I told him that the Dominga issue was a unanimous decision of the council of ministers. Your ambassador directly attacks the administration of President Boric on a very sensitive political issue. Honestly, it is unacceptable, days -besides- before we go to Celac-Argentina ”, he commented.

After the viralization of the audio, the Director of Communications of the Foreign Ministry, Lorraine DiazHe submitted his resignation from office.

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