Senate will discuss police reform bill on June 30

During this Thursday’s session, the promoters of the “Reform and modernization of the National Police” project, which was presented on May 25 by the Nation’s senator, Fidel Zavala, accompanied by several senators from different benches, request priority treatment.

The Chamber of Senators will give code treatment to the project in 21 days. A week later, on July 7, the plenary session would analyze the initiative in its entirety.

“With this project we seek to improve the police institution, make it hostile to corruption, organized crime and common criminals and for that we need the commitment of all political and social sectors so that the new security model we propose becomes a reality. ”, stated Senator Fidel Zavala, while asking that the project be discussed.

He also mentioned that the country is experiencing a crisis of insecurity that deserves to be faced with a competent and capable institution. Therefore, with this project we are talking about a reform in which an active role of the Ministry of the Interior is sought, rather than the management of the Police.

These are the areas that the bill seeks to reform: promotion system in grades, method of assigning positions, disciplinary regime, hierarchical and organizational structure, and police welfare.

They assure that the legislative proposal can open the door for a radical improvement of the security situation in Paraguay in the medium and long term, and in exchange for a sustained political and social effort.

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