Senate rejects project for the exploitation of Médanos del Chaco

Senate rejects project for the exploitation of Médanos del Chaco

The Chamber of Senators rejected this Thursday the bill “That modifies articles 4 and 6 of Law No. 5,723/2016 ‘Declaring the Médanos del Chaco National Park as a Protected Wilderness Area under public domain.”

The project was rejected in the Senate, so it is sent back to the Chamber of Deputies for consideration.

In this sense, the project had an opinion for its rejection by the Constitutional Affairs and Natural Resources commissions (Conaderna).

During the discussion of the project, the president of the Legislation Commission, Senator Hugo Richer, pointed out that the modification of the law that the Chamber of Deputies sent, has as objectiveo allow activities of prospecting, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons and minerals in the national park, as long as environmental mitigation measures are carried out within it.

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He added that the negative environmental impact must be taken into account, with the special particularity of effects on groundwater areas, with an impact on indigenous communities. “The park represents a site of global and regional importance of phytogenic resources, with unique characteristics in biodiversity and geology”said the legislator.

For his part, Senator Sixto Pereira, head of the Energy Commission, argued also the opinion for rejection. Likewise, it reported that they carried out all pertinent consultations with State institutions, such as INDI, MADES, and environmental organizations.

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It added that a data survey was carried out and that prior and informed consultation with the indigenous communities was not carried out and that it would affect natural resources.

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