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Senate President defends elections in a climate of normality

Senate President defends elections in a climate of normality

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, defended today (18) that the October elections take place in a climate of normality in the country. Earlier, Pacheco met with the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Edson Fachin.

According to the president, there is an alignment between the Senate and the TSE so that the election is carried out in an environment of free expression of the vote.

“There is a common objective of providing transparency, fairness and clarity in this year’s electoral process. Elections are one of the most important issues in national life. of the vote. Brazil has the instruments to guarantee that this vote is free, that the elections can take place within this normality”, he said.

During the meeting, the Senate president also highlighted the TSE’s work in combating disinformation.

“There is an important alignment between the Senate and the Electoral Justice. I want to recognize the good work done by the TSE. There is a commitment from the Federal Senate to also provide all the legislative instruments for this to happen”, he added.

The first round will be held on October 2, when voters go to the polls to elect the President of the Republic, governors, senators, federal, state and district deputies. An eventual second round for the presidential race and the state governments will be on October 30th.

*With information from the Senate Agency

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