Senate postpones for 30 days analysis of the deficit of the Fiscal Fund

Senate postpones for 30 days analysis of the deficit of the Fiscal Fund

In the first quarter of 2022, the Fiscal Fund registered a deficit of US$ 46 million (G. 316,289 million). For this reason, Juan Darío Monges, national senator for the ANR (Chartism) and president of the Finance Commission of the Upper House, held a meeting with the authorities of the Fiscal Fund and the Ministry of Finance.

At a press conference, he announced that they postponed the analysis of the solutions that could be implemented, until they had more rigorous data on the current state of the Caja Fiscal.

“We are going to seek a fundamental approach to the fiscal deficit. There are some surplus boxes. Some officials are not even receiving the minimum wage. The surplus boxes do not have to cover the deficit ones. The main person in charge is the Treasury since it is the entity that manages the financial situation. We have decided on a 30-day postponement,” he stated.

This situation generates that there are retired public officials who earn between G. 700 to 900 thousand per month.

The Fiscal Fund is made up of six components; that of teachers registers a deficit of 46% (US$ 36 million, from January to April). The military registers a deficit of 72% and the police, a deficit of 59%.

On the other hand, the components that register surpluses are; public employees (99%), university professors (20%) and judicial magistrates (22%). There are 230,823 contributors and 68,225 retirees.

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