Tax, budget and more reforms that will be 'taken' by Congress

Senate approved the 2023 Budget in plenary; the camera is missing

The plenary sessions of the Congress of the Republic advanced in the second debate of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) for 2023, which establishes an amount of $405.62 billion for next year. This figure represents an increase of 15.1% in resources compared to the allocations established for the validity of 2022.

After a day that began around 10:00 am, the plenary session of the Senate approved the entirety of the article, composed of 103 points. Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives, the discussion lasted throughout the afternoon, with more than 60 interventions around the report of the paper.

The Senate voted a first block of 96 points, those that did not include propositions, whichHe was approved with 67 yes votes and 10 negatives.

Subsequently, the legislative body discussed around the six articles that contained at least one proposal for its second debate and the last point of the articles (art. 103), referring to the validity of the project.

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Among these those points of the project with the greatest discussion were art. 2, related to the appropriations of the amount for 2023, and art. 92, which authorizes the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to make distributions within the budget execution process and, if necessary, to process future validity, for the National Registry of the Nation.

It is worth remembering that the maximum term by law for the approval of the PGN is set for October 20.

Under this discussion, by 2023 There will then be $253.6 billion for operating resources, $74.0 billion in investment and $77.9 billion for debt service.

Revenues correspond to COP 264.3 billion in current income, COP 120.1 billion in capital resources, COP 17.8 billion in special funds and COP 3.4 billion in parafiscal income.

Next, follow the debates and the minute by minute in Congress:

Senate Plenary.


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House of Representatives

Plenary House of Representatives.

House of Representatives

(See: Presentation of the second debate of the General Budget of 2023).


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