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The Chamber of Senators approved the law on frontal labeling of packaged foods, accepting the modifications introduced in Deputies. With this version, the products will no longer carry the inscription “high in calories”, but will directly say the number of calories.

An extensive discussion was generated this siesta in the ordinary session of the Senate, during the study of the bill of “Front label warning of packaged food”, the essence of which was modified in the Chamber of Deputies.

The head of the Public Health Commission, Jorge Querey, advocated maintaining the original version, and insisted on the need to establish the mandatory nature of labeling, according to the nutritional composition of sugars, saturated fats and sodium, incorporating the information of the “high calorie” content, in a visible, quick and easy way to understand for consumer decision making.

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He explained that, with the change made in the Lower Housethe warning “high in calories” was removed and the front labeling with the exact number of calories of each food was simply left.

“We believe that these changes do not correspond and violate the possibility that a person when buying a product knows what is high, medium or low in calories,” Querey said.

Senators Blanca Ovelar and Desirée Masi also moved for the approval of the Senate version, arguing that it will help raise awareness about the value of what is consumed and thus contribute to the fight against obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

For his part, Blas Llano recognized the importance of legislation, but He warned that it will directly affect the national industry and importers, and that the new labels imply a restructuring in manufacturing and, in turn, more expenses.

Finally, the law was sanctioned with the modification made in Deputies. The legislation now goes to the executive branch for enactment or veto.

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