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Senad culminates year of historic achievements

Senad culminates year of historic achievements

The National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD) presented its 2022 accountability report, which highlights the progress made during the year in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. Minister Zully Rolón highlighted Operativo A Ultranza, international cooperation and drug use prevention programs as the greatest achievements of the last period.

The Senad minister summarized 2022 as a challenging year but at the same time one of historic achievements for the institution, with more than 1,000 operations carried out in which more than 6 million kilograms of marijuana, 3,000 kilograms of cocaine, 37,494 doses were seized of ecstasy and 55,390 doses of crack, in addition to assets such as aircraft, vehicles and the arrest of 328 people, which in total meant US$378.9 million in damage to organized crime.

Among the operations of the year, he cited Operation Navis, Capital Flow, Spain Connection, North Atlantic, Belia and A Ultranza Py, the latter being the most far-reaching as it represented the largest intervention against organized crime in the country’s history. “This operation disrupted a criminal structure deeply rooted in our society, both in the political, business, sports and even religious spheres, achieving the confiscation and seizure of assets of different kinds that passed into the hands of the Paraguayan State,” said Zully Rolón.

Through this operation, 105 properties, 13 planes and 84 vehicles were seized, among other assets valued at about US$ 250 million.

On the other hand, he pointed out international cooperation as the main basis of the fight against drug trafficking, highlighting the work of the Directorate of Investigation in International Trade (DICI), through which it was possible to establish contact with the main foreign security agencies. and improve the exchange of information, which in turn helped to obtain efficient results in the fight against river drug trafficking.

Finally, he spoke of the reduction of the demand for drugs as one of the main lines of work of the Senad through prevention programs developed in communities and schools. “We believe that education and the strengthening of skills during childhood are key to protecting children, taking into account the prejudices, discrimination and stigmatization that exist regarding drug use and that fall on the user throughout their lives. ”, explained the minister.

Among the school programs are We learn to live, I prepare for life and Skilled youth, which are developed in 10 departments of the country. At the family level, Concerned Parents Who Take Care are currently being carried out, and finally the Community P. Program, carried out in the communities.

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