Programa Semilla para la vida impulsa valores en la familia

Seed for Life Program promotes family values

The program seed for life is part of Humanized Childbirth Plan, jointly in an alliance with Misión Árbol to promote family values, which breaks with the patriarchal culture, because pregnant women acquire the leading role in planting activities.

This was stated by the Vice Minister for the Social Protection of Women’s Rights, Irama the Roseduring the interview granted in the program coffee in the morning.

“The idea is to internationalize this civilizing model that a whole follow-up process begins from the womb, because the purpose is that the babies that are born accompany the growth of the tree, in order to build a different life story,” said the deputy minister

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Likewise, he stressed that from this philosophical conception the project was born that has been strengthened in activities in the parks of the national territory, such is the case of the Caricuao Zoo, among others.

Meanwhile, La Rosa specified the importance of the Feminist Councils, because these organizations follow everything that is the training process and even the complaints made by women.

“The most recent figure is 46,000 Feminist Councils that have been created in the country through the Venezuelan Registry of Women”, asserted the deputy minister.

Finally, he pointed out that from the portfolio of the Ministry of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality they work so that the Seed for Life program is multiplied with the different women promoters in the states of the country.


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