See the government program of presidential candidate Léo Péricles (UP)

See the government program of presidential candidate Léo Péricles (UP)

The program of presidential candidate Léo Péricles, of the Popular Unity (UP) party, presents a radical proposal for the transformation of the Brazilian State, which includes, among several points, the repeal of all reforms adopted in recent years, such as labor, of Social Security and the amendment of the spending ceiling, and even the nationalization of banks and the entire financial system, in addition to the resumption of state control of public companies that were privatized.See the government program of presidential candidate Léo Péricles (UP)

The document presented to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has a total of 12 pages and is a summary of the main guidelines of the party’s national program approved at the last party congresses (2019 and 2021), of socialist orientation.

The text initially presents an analysis of the conjuncture of what it calls “Brazil’s economic and social crisis”. Citing data from institutions such as Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Oxfam, the program highlights that 63 million Brazilians live on R$500 per month, while the richest 10% hold 80% of private equity.

Another point addressed in the document is hunger in the country, which, according to the aforementioned data, currently covers about 30 million people. On economic development, the program criticizes what it calls the “deindustrialization process” experienced by Brazil.

emergency proposals

The proposals section in the UP program is divided into two parts: emergency proposals and government structuring proposals.

In terms of emergency proposals, there is talk of the immediate suspension of interest payments and amortization of the public debt, followed by an audit process. It also promises the creation of emergency work fronts in poor neighborhoods and in cities in the interior, guarantee of permanent emergency aid of a minimum wage and the convening of a recall referendum for the spending cap and reforms of other governments.

Also among the emergency proposals, the government plan talks about the possibility of convening a popular constituency and reducing the high salaries of public power positions, in addition to the mandatory use of State services by public agents.

Structuring proposals

Among the so-called structuring proposals, which total 25 directives, the UP government plan proposes total state control over all monopolies and capitalist consortia considered strategic and the planning of the economy.

It also proposes the nationalization of the entire banking system operating in the country; the renationalization of companies privatized by the government, the end of oil auctions, the review of the concessions of Brazilian ports, airports and highways handed over to private companies.

The government’s plan promises a popular agrarian reform with the nationalization of land ownership, the annulment of taxes levied on the population and the institution of tribute on great fortunes.

The program also defends the nationalization of all means of collective transport, the end of private education, the end of private health plans and the election of judges and members of the Judiciary.

Another point addressed is the socialization of all television, radio and newspaper channels; immediate demarcation and possession of all indigenous lands, expulsion of private companies operating in the Amazon and reduction of the working day to 6 hours, with no reduction in salary, for all workers.

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