See how you should complete your AFP withdrawal request

See how you should complete your AFP withdrawal request

Do you know how to fill out your application? ? Since June 13, members have been given the green light to submit their withdrawal requests for their AFP funds up to a total of S/18,400. In the form you must fill in information about your ID and other personal data. Which are?

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Law No. 31478 allows members of the private pension system (SPP) to make the sixth optional and extraordinary withdrawal of up to four Tax Units.

The affiliate who decides to withdraw his funds from the AFPs must fill out the disbursement request in detail. Here we tell you how to do it and what information you should have on hand.


Next, this is the information that you must have on hand when carrying out the virtual procedure.

  • Have your AFP web key.
  • Keep your data updated.
  • Have your email updated.
  • Cell phone number.
  • Data from your DNI: document number, verification digit, voting group, date of issue and expiration.
  • Bank account number and financial entity: you must open a personal bank account (not joint) in one of the ten entities authorized by the SBS. This time it will not be created at the time of making the request.


These are the steps you must follow to fill out the application for the sixth optional withdrawal from the AFP.

General data

  • Sign in to
  • Select your type of identity document
  • Enter the number of your identity document
  • Enter the verification digit of your document
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Click on “I am not a robot
  • Click on “Consult
(Source: AFP Association)

Validate your identity

Enter the following data from the National Identity Document (DNI):

  • Date of issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • voting group

If the data entered is correct, you will be able to continue with the entry of the application. Otherwise, after three attempts, the request will be blocked for 24 hours for security reasons.

Verify your identity

  • Enter the password you have as a user of your AFP

Voluntary contributions with free availability

The request explains the existence of the Freely Available Voluntary Contributions account, offered by each AFP. It is a separate fund from your Pension, which will allow greater returns and can be drawn at any time. You must click understood.

You must indicate if you are going to send all or part of the withdrawal to that account.

How much do you want to withdraw?

The balance available for withdrawal will be displayed and the amount to be withdrawn must be entered. The cap is S/18,400.

You must indicate:

  • Place of destination of the deposit: Indicate if the financial entity to which you are going to deposit is in Peru or abroad.
  • Place of residence: Department, province, district and address
  • Enter details of the financial institution: name of the bank or savings bank, as well as the account number. (The account must be personal and in soles)

Contact information

To avoid possible fraud, you must enter

  • Email
  • Cell phone number.

Review the information and register the request

After filling out the entire application, a summary sheet appears with all the information you have provided. Review it and click register request.

Next, the summary will appear with the request code, which will allow you to track your order.


For the sixth withdrawal of the AFPs, a schedule has been established so that affiliates, residents in Peru and abroad, can submit their request, according to the last number of the DNI. Unlike previous withdrawals, it will start with the highest number of the last digit (from 9 to 0) and three dates have been established.

  • Last digit 9 – Application date June 13, 14 and July 12.
  • Last digit 8 – Application date June 15, 16 and July 13.
  • Last digit 7 – Application date June 17, 20 and July 14.
  • Last digit 6 – Application date June 21, 22 and July 15.
  • Last digit 5 – Application date June 23, 24 and July 16.
  • Last digit 4 – Application date June 27, 28 and July 17.
  • Last digit 3 – Application date June 30, July 1 and July 20
  • last digit 2 – Application date 04, 05 and 21 July.
  • Last digit 1 – Application date July 06, 07 and 22.
  • Last digit 0 or other character – Application date July 08, 11 and 25.

What happens if I don’t submit my application by the due date?

The extemporaneous request can be made from July 26 to September 10, 2022.

The schedule to submit the application on three dates (Photo: Prima AFP)
The schedule to submit the application on three dates (Photo: Prima AFP)

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