US investment in the Mexican southeast

Security, something more than homicides

The impact on social sentiment is indisputable that in 41 months of the López Obrador government almost 120,000 homicides have accumulated, which explains the official impulse to do whatever it takes to reduce the sad statistic.

Aware that, according to presidential words, if they do not solve security there will be no six-year legacy, they commit again the mistake of their predecessors of concentrating on combating the violence that affects the number of homicides.

And they close their eyes to the growing expansion of organized crime gangs that already influence and harm productive sectors and set themselves up as a parallel power, a time bomb whose time bomb would change everything, absolutely everything.

Inflation, no plan is perfect, but

When we laymen listen to the opinions of experts in economic matters, we are left with the impression that there never was, is or will be the perfect formula to combat the inflation that aggravates inequalities and poverty.

Today the Government of the Republic presents its anti-inflationary program which, they say, contains aspects of past plans that were successful, but in their efforts to be different they did not touch all the bases, as other governments did.

Only time and the implacable reality will allow us to know if the Government’s prejudiced method of “the revolution of consciences” manages to alleviate the effects of an inflation that, if it lasts until 2024, will inevitably have electoral political costs.

Mexico recovers its zone of influence

Other Presidents of Mexico managed to contain the influence of Castro’s Cuba and prevent “revolutionary” inertia, even unwittingly, from dominating the region whose stability is essential for Mexican governments.

Castro’s influence diminished with the fall of the USSR, but the influence of the legend extended until the beginning of this century. And, whether we like it or not, Cuba left a void that someone has to take.

Although the North American power, like other times, is decisive, for the stability of the region the influence of a country that speaks the same language and, until now, without ambitions like the Cubans is better.


Great challenge for the general director of the IMSS Zoe Robledo designated as the reliever who begins to specify the presidential objectives of public health. Luck… They talk about increasing agricultural production. One wonders if they have a realistic diagnosis of the current situation. For example, for 30 years Mexico has been importing the rice consumed by its population, since the arable land has been reduced. Are you sure that in 2022 the large amount of water required for your cultivation will be available?… The problem with announcements and presidential decrees is that they leave the impression that they are already a fait accompli. A review of the decision to reassign flights to the Felipe Ángeles Airport confirms that it will be applied in phases… When one finds out about the illegal eavesdropping of communications from European leaders with the Israeli program “Pegasus” one cannot resist exclaiming: What a program! .. Oliver Cromwell headed the very brief republican government that Great Britain had. He left this reflection to every ruler: “By the bowels of Christ, I implore you, think you could be wrong”…

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