Security check: what's new from Uber to protect its users

Security check: what’s new from Uber to protect its users

Recently Uber announced that it has implemented in its platform a new tool which is designed for users to take better advantage of the security features offered by the app.

It’s about the tool ‘Security Check’, which consists of an activation option to facilitate access and use of three functionalities of the platform: PIN verification, RideCheck technology and Trusted Contacts.

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From now on in the Uber app, when you tap on the rider’s profile option (the photo in the top right corner), it will look like a security check horizontal bar. This tool will take the user to a small multiple choice box that will allow them to verify the configuration of three security features in the app.

What security options does the app promote?

Trusted contacts

This feature allows users easily share requested leases through the app with up five contacts, friends or family. You can send the location, route and data of the vehicle and the lessor, In addition, they can choose if they want any of these trusted contacts to be also your emergency contact.

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PIN Verification

The users will receive a four-digit code randomly generated that shall provide in person to the landlord. In this way the lease can only be started when the landlord enters the correct PIN.


Via GPS, the RideCheck option helps detect strange changes or deviations in the routes. When an anomaly is detected, the app sends an alert to both the user and the landlord, allowing access to security tools such as the button to call 123.

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