Section for apology for drug trafficking

Section for apology for drug trafficking

The Blue Cross of Mexican soccer removed the defender from his call to start the Clausura 2023 tournament Julio Cesar Dominguez, after the player threw a party for his son with an apology for drug trafficking.

In a painful moment for Mexicowith great violence in the state of Sinaloa after the capture of the drug trafficker Ovid Guzman Lopezthe ‘Tasting’ Dominguez He threw a birthday party for his son with children dressed as drug dealers.

The event has received unanimous criticism and although the Blue Cross nor the league have announced sanctions, for the moment the defender was excluded from the team that faced the Xolos of Tijuana.

DominguezThe 35-year-old is one of the few players in the league with more than five seasons who have stayed with a single team; His performance has remained at a good level and he has been praised by the fans of the blue box, however, in the last few hours he has been criticized on social networks.

“I recognize that these do not contribute to creating a better impression of Mexico and that neither I nor my family promote or justify any type of violence. We are people who promote sport in the new generations, in addition to the values ​​and principles of an exemplary institution such as Blue Cross“, were the words of Domínguez, after the claims.

According to the newspaper Reforma, the mx league will investigate the footballer for apology of the crime.

In the photos of the party organized by “Cata”, the children wear caps with the initials JGL, those of the drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman Loerafather of Ovid, imprisoned in the United States. Other children wear hats that say sheet metalsome with Cruz Azul uniforms.

Other figures from the Blue Cross What Carlos Rodríguez, Erik Lira, Iván Morales and Jesús Escoboza.

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