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Second day of blockade in Concepción to demand justice for an abused teenager

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July 7, 2023, 9:34 AM

July 7, 2023, 9:34 AM

For the second consecutive day, the inhabitants of the municipality of Concepción prevent movement towards the bioceanic highway demanding the apprehension of the perpetrator of a rape of a minor under 13 years of age.

On the morning of this Friday, July 7, they gave an intermission period of one hour until 8:00 a.m. to allow the passage of vehicles stranded in the area. However, once the term they resumed the measure indefinitely.

The residents demand the arrest and conviction of the author, a young man probably belonging to the ayorea indigenous community. In addition, they demand the assignment of a greater number of police officers and the construction of a police unit.

The event would have happened on the morning of Wednesday, June 6, when the defendant took advantage of the fact that the victim and her brothers were left alone at home.

“The man took her to the mountain to abuse her and her six-year-old brother followed her because she was screaming. The girl then arrived bloody, dirty, and disheveled,” a neighbor told EL DEBER.

The Police mobilized after receiving the complaint, but were unable to find the whereabouts of the accused man, which exacerbated the mood of the people.

Meanwhile, the minor was transferred last night to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, so that she can undergo a forensic medical examination.

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