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Second constituent period: parties will meet this Monday in the former Congress to resume talks

The political parties with parliamentary representation will meet this Monday in the former National Congress, at about 9:00 a.m., to address the continuation of the constituent process. This, after the comfortable triumph of Rejection in the constitutional plebiscite.

The guest list consists of about 40 people, representatives of groups from across the political spectrum.

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The parties had already held a meeting on Wednesday, in the Senate Constitution Commission. The presidents of both chambers, the helmsmen of the communities, the heads of the benches and the minister of the Segpres were present at the instance, Ana Lya Uriarte. The assistants defined a new appointment for this Monday.

The President of the Senate, Alvaro Elizalde (PS), explained that “the objective of this dialogue is not to draft the Constitution, but to establish the most suitable and adequate procedure for -based on democracy, the principle of popular sovereignty and the leading role of citizens- develop a text that is welcomed and supported by the vast majority of Chilean men and women”.

Regarding today’s appointment, he commented that it is “to listen to the proposals and move forward in an agreement that will later have to be ratified through a constitutional reform that enables the continuation of the constituent process, understanding that there is a clear mandate from the citizens of a Constitution born in democracy”.

“This project requires 4/7 for its approval in both chambers, but we expect a broader agreement with the largest number of sectors,” he added.

Let us remember that there is no total consensus on the body that should write the new Constitution. The bench of RN-Independent senators have stated that they will not support a new conventional election. In fact, they are inclined that the elaboration of the text be in charge of a commission of experts.

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