Sebastián Villa had 'another mess', according to Argentine media they accuse him of "rape and attempted murder"

Sebastián Villa had ‘another mess’, according to Argentine media they accuse him of “rape and attempted murder”

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According to what was compiled by Olé, the victim denounced that the Colombian soccer player had abused her “after having consumed alcohol.” This case is added to the one already underway for gender-based violence.

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The name of the Colombian soccer player Sebastián Villa returns to be the cover in the Argentine newspapers.

Now, the controversial forward of Boca Juniors is involved in another legal mess.

The Diario Olé revealed that according to new complaints made known «the journalist Pampa Mónaco, a police panelist for Nosotros a la Mañana, (…) the Colombian soccer player was criminally targeted by a woman who claims to have been sexually abused by the striker in June 2021, framed in a context of gender violence.

Complaint document published by Argentine media:

sebastian villa
The new complaint against Sebastián Villa is for “rape and attempted murder.” (It was filed this Friday in the Courts of Lomas de Zamora).

They assure that according to what the victim stated, Villa allegedly “began to abuse me, hitting me a few times, and covering my mouth with his hand, at which time I made some scratches as a result of wanting to get out of that situation.”

Similarly, he told means, medium local that the situation “would have occurred within the framework of a dinner that the xeneize striker organized on the property he has in a private neighborhood in the municipality of Canning, in the Ezeiza district, province of Buenos Aires.”

Likewise, “in the statement it is made known that the person in charge of the Colombian’s personal security and a close friend who would take care of part of his business were also present.”

So far there is no official statement by the club or the footballer himself on the situation.

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