Sebastián Sichel points against José Antonio Kast: «He will never be able to win a presidential election»

Sebastián Sichel points against José Antonio Kast: «He will never be able to win a presidential election»

Chile’s former presidential candidate Let’s go, Sebastian Sichelmade a diagnosis of the political landscape in Chile, including the right, and indicated that the former candidate for La Moneda Jose Antonio Kastwill never “be able to win a presidential election.”

“José Antonio Kast beat me in the elections, I have no complex in admitting it, but he will never be able to win a presidential election, because what this type of right-wing is looking for in the world is to bring together interest groups that are in against changes and modernity. That does not build a majority,” Sichel said in conversation with radio dna.

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Regarding the situation of the right, he stated that “he is looking at the future with the rearview mirror and seems more enthusiastic about going back to the 80s, which was rather authoritarian and with overtones of populism to which I do not belong today, neither before nor morning”.

Let us remember that after the first presidential round, Sichel, who was behind Kast and the current President Gabriel BoricHe announced his retirement from politics. He is currently completing a diploma in Europe, according to the aforementioned media.

Criticism of Boric’s management

The former president of BancoEstado also had words for the Boric administration. In this regard, he said that the President “has exacerbated his failures in these months in what seemed to be his main weakness: a kind of half-naive and good-natured exercise of power, manifested in the sayings of the Minister of the Interior, with his statements regarding the political prisoners, about the Wallmapu, about security”.

“Another of Boric’s mistakes is ‘as you freckle, you pay’. I confronted him about the fourth withdrawal, I was an opponent understanding that it was bad public policy, and now as President, Gabriel Boric says he is against it. Many voted for him because he was in favor of withdrawals,” Sichel continued.

However, he recognized “symbolic” gestures of the administration, such as the “diverse cabinet”, he stressed. “It was urgent for a country that had become accustomed to cabinets that looked like college courses,” Sichel said.

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