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Screenshots of WhatsApp, the main way of leaking information

Arturo Sanchez Jimenez

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday May 8, 2022, p. 8

WhatsApp screenshots have become the main way of leaking personal information from Mexicans, according to the commissioners of members of the plenary session of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI). ), who asked to be extremely careful when using this tool.

The peculiarity with the use of WhatsApp is the violation of people’s privacy, since it is very common for users to share screens of their conversations, so, given its increasing use, the screenshot has become the main leak of information between Mexicanspointed out the commissioner Josefina Román Vergara when participating in the privacy routeorganized by the INAI.

Román Vergara pointed out that it is very important to continue disseminating the need and urgency of personal data protection among Mexican society.

Together with Commissioner Francisco Javier Acuña Llamas, he warned that given that personal data acquires more and more value in the market and virtuality represents important challenges to protect them, it is urgent to make people aware of the care of their information.

Personal data is like the oil of the 21st century because every time we carry out an activity and a mobile device is involved in it, we are sacrificing our privacysaid Commissioner Acuña Llamas.

The issue of personal data moves the world; the market and the State move from personal data; there is not a single procedure between the State and the market that does not move from personal data, since they represent much more than gold and diamonds that were in the past the passion and greed of the then wanderershe emphasized.

Ensuring privacy, a crucial mission of the institute

Acuña Llamas argued that the most important mission of INAI and its counterparts in the states is to ensure the protection of people’s privacy, based on personal data. Privacy is much more important and urgent to defend; It is about that set of situations that refer to aspects that are so ours and, for that reason, these institutions require to be armoring and protecting personal datahe pointed.

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