Science and Technology Commission will present two new laws

Science and Technology Commission will present two new laws

The Permanent Commission on Education, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation, together with the Permanent Commission on Comprehensive Social Development, will present for its second discussion in the Plenary Chamber the bills for the Law on Peaceful Coexistence in Schools and the Law on Student Participation, in the next regular session period.

The president of the commission, deputy Ricardo Sánchez, reported that they held 20 ordinary meetings, four extraordinary meetings and eight productive technical deployments, with the aim of making visible the critical nodes that occur in the industrial, technological, health and business sectors, in order to review the legislation and work on the reforms that may take place, refers to a press release from the Legislative Branch.

Sánchez informed that the members of the parliamentary body are satisfied with the achieved goal of approving the reform of the Organic Law of Science, Technology and Innovation (Locti).

Likewise, he indicated that the commission deals with social cases permanently and that, thanks to the management of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, the field of science, technology and innovation has been promoted in various social sectors of the country.

Finally, he stressed that the parliamentarians of the commission will continue to work harder in the second period of ordinary sessions of 2022 for the approval of the 23 bills that they advance, as well as to carry out the public consultation together with the People’s Power and approve them in the Plenary.

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