Schalper (RN) says that the official idea of ​​an entry plebiscite is to expose President Boric “to two electoral defeats in one year”

Within the framework of the negotiations that the political parties maintain to continue with the constituent process, the deputy and general secretary of National Renewal (RN), diego schalper, warned the ruling party for the idea of ​​holding an entry plebiscite. In this regard, he stated that this would expose the President gabriel boric to two electoral defeats in the same year.

“I invite the President, I believe that a government that loses once within its first year in office already has it very difficult, losing twice is a much more difficult thing. I ask the ruling party not to expose President Boric to two electoral defeats in the same year,” said the legislator.

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In turn, he stated that “when I hear the ruling party talk about an entry plebiscite, I would ask them not to play with the citizens.”

“They know perfectly well that there is no opinion study that does not show that a mixed body clearly wins over a 100% elected body, because the public does not want to repeat the bad experience that we have just had,” added Schalper.

Let us remember that the president of the Socialist Party (PS), Paulina Vodanovicproposed this week that, given the impossibility for the parties to reach an agreement -due to divergences regarding the drafting mechanism-, hold an entry plebiscite.

The president of Social Convergence (CS), Diego Ibanezjoined the PS proposal this Friday.

The point in the talks is the composition of the body that will draft the new Constitution. The ruling party proposes that it be 100% elected, while the opposition proposes that it be mixed (with experts chosen by Congress and elected people).

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