Scandal: Former wife of congressman Kamiche denounces him for bigamy and assault

Scandal: Former wife of congressman Kamiche denounces him for bigamy and assault

In the eye of the storm. This is the congressman of Peru Libre, after his ex-partner, Silvina Gonzaga, denounced him for bigamy and assault.

According to the woman’s testimony, presented on the Punto Final program, the parliamentarian married her in 2006 in Cancun, Mexico. However, when she wanted to legalize her marriage in Peru, she was unable to do so because Kamiche had never divorced his first wife.

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“When he came, I wanted to register my marriage and he told me: ‘I have to confess to you that I am not divorced, but separated.’ I was surprised because my status was supposed to be married.”

According to lawyer Andy Carrión, this constitutes the crime of bigamy.


Silvina also reported that she has been attacked over the years by legislator Kamiche.

“I have several comorbidities and he said that in order to talk to me he had to go to the sick section and that hurt me,” she said through tears.

He also recounted other humiliating episodes that he had to live next to the ‘father of the country’. “When I served him his plate, because he didn’t like something, when it was my turn to serve myself, he came and threw the pot into the ‘water’ and left me without eating,” he added.

Silvina, an obstetrician by profession, bitterly recalled that “every time I attended my pregnant women I told them not to allow their partners to hit them, but inside I kept silent about my suffering,” she concluded.


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