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Scaloni will try to mediate between ‘Papu’ and Sevilla

Scaloni will try to mediate between 'Papu' and Sevilla

lionel scaloninational coach of Argentinahas regretted that the papu gomez cannot be at the party that the albiceleste prepares to commemorate the world title won in Qatar. The Sevilla player was included in the list for having participated in the Doha event, but the Andalusian club will not let him travel, since he is recovering from an injury and also the relationships are very tense and can even cause the termination of your contract.

At a press conference, Scaloni has referred to the casualties of the Sevilla player and of Garnacho, Manchester United player also injured, in the matches that the AFA has organized in Buenos Aires, in the Monumental stadium of River Plate, and in Santiago del Estero.

“The two absences are a pity, especially Papu, who deserves to be here and at his club. I think, in good judgment, that it is understandable that Sevilla will not let him come because he came from an injury. We will do everything possible to that he could spend one or two days with us, but it will depend a lot on his club”, insisted the coach.

Regrets on his Instagram account

Papu Gómez showed his “sadness” on social networks when Sevilla informed him of their decision not to let him go, while Jorge Sampaoli, the already dismissed coach, last Saturday washed his hands of it, assuring that it was a decision of the medical area and the club. “Unfortunately due to my injury I will not be able to travel to greet and hug them, it is a great pain and sadness because I would have loved to be there and feel all your love and affection. Thank you for your messages and I am sure we will see each other again. Here I will continue to recover to play again. I hug you from a distance. Enjoy the Scaloneta and this wonderful group,” Papu wrote on his Instagram account.

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