Scaloni: “Messi is happy and he will always play with me”

Scaloni: “Messi is happy and he will always play with me”

Is rare. It sounds strange. Messi as a topic it only appears towards the end of a press conference. It happens in the walls of questions and answers between Lionel Scalloni and the journalists who are drawn in Miamiin the prelude to the friendly Argentina will play against Honduras at two in the morning on a Spanish Saturday.

First, the Albiceleste coach upsets those who guaranteed that he would bet on the main formation and says that against Honduras “we are going to make some variations.” Swipe that could be headlines Lisandro Martinez Y Enzo Fernandezthe ex River who has just arrived at Benfica and looks at a great level. Yes indeed, Leo do not touch. The captain plays.

“Talk to Messi. He always wants to play. Y Leo He will always play with me. No doubt. I already stated it many times. Unless something happens, he will always play and be on the court. It is a totally different case from the others. Needless to say,” he remarks. Scaloni.

Next, the other Lionel adds: “Messi It’s okay, it’s happy. She is playing well. He is in a team that has achieved a way of playing that understands him. We are happy for his present”.

A Scaloni They point out that it will be the first time Messi will play in Miami wearing the albiceleste shirt. The Argentine DT cross-examines: “I didn’t know. Are you sure about that information? Once they confirm it, he returns: “I hope you can enjoy it.”

Also Scaloni parks in all the psychological issues that can influence the countdown to the world: “You have to remove the nervousness about what is to come. Is he world, All people’s dream. The players have to have continuity in their club. They don’t have to think about ‘if I get injured or not’.

closed the DT of Argentina: “This selection showed that no matter who plays, the team plays the same. We know what we play. Beyond the names, we are going to play the same way. We have a team that goes from memory. Surely tomorrow we will make some variants to give some boys a chance, but we know that whoever enters will do well”.

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