Scaloni: "I can't catch up with Ancelotti and Guardiola"

Scaloni: “I can’t catch up with Ancelotti and Guardiola”

There is the world champion coach. There is lionel scaloni, before the journalists in the conference room of the AFA complex in Ezeiza. He is the same as always, relaxed, natural, empty of grandiloquence, interesting in his speech both to refer to personal issues and other topics.

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Series scaloni when he tells that “there are people who in the street call me Scaloneta instead of lionel. And it’s not good, but if people like it I can’t say anything ha ha ha”.

They immediately consulted him about the The Best award that he won as the best coach of the year and he does not escape comparisons with great coaches: “When you win a World Cup, everything is magnified, but I cannot live up to Ancelotti and Guardiola. The award makes me proud, but they are big words.”

“What happened yesterday with Messi, with the people outside the restaurant, I think it was beautiful”

lionel scaloniArgentina coach

Later, this Lionel talks about the other Lionel and the commotion that was generated in Buenos Aires when the fans discovered that the 10th was having dinner in a restaurant in the Palermo neighborhood: “What happened yesterday with Messi, With the people outside the restaurant, I think it was beautiful.”

Reinforces Scaloni: “I like to see that the Argentine National Team belongs to everyone, that the players come with this joy, with this enthusiasm, as if it were the first time. I like that the fans see that the players are one more of them. The Selection belongs to everyone.”

Messi, until he says

and go back to Messi: “Leo is fine, he’s here to play, to keep coming back and until he says otherwise we’ll keep enjoying him in the National Team. When he changes his position, I will try to convince him to continue.”

The losses of Papu and Garnacho

The absences of Alejandro Gomezin conflict with Sevilla, and Alexander Garnacho, injured, they are another good trigger: “The two absences are a pity, especially that of Papuan, which deserved to be. It is understandable that they won’t let him come, but we will do everything possible so that he can spend a day or two with us. And we trust that garnacho may be in the next call. He is a guy we have high hopes for.”

He does not want controversy over De Paul’s statements

He does not want polemics or discussions scaloni. That is why he is not hooked on the debate that was opened from a declaration of Rodrigo DePaul that prompted the comparison between the three world champion Argentine teams: “Lo de Paul’s it was just a comment. I think it is nonsense to discuss which is the best National Team in history. We are used to debating things that don’t make sense. If they ask me, I’ll take all three”.

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